JMQ5 series dual power automatic transfer switch


JMQ5 series dual power automatic transfer switch is one of adopted international ATSE technology developed by our company.It is suitable for power supply system with rated insulating voltage is AC800V,rated working voltage is AC690V,and below DC250V,and AC 50Hz/60Hz,rated woring current is 20A-5000A of two-path.The transfer switch and the matching intellect display,they are main used for high building,the post and communication,coal mining,shipping,military facilities industrial assembly line etc the situation of need the interruption power supply.Under the city rapid increase power supply necessary trend,they can satisfy the higher requires of reliable power supply,the products have reliable performance, small size and easy operation etc features.
Attention:it must not do the test of insulating stand voltage for the quality guarantee.

1. M2 is two steps: M2 I and M2 II.
2. M3 is three steps: M3 I and M3 II.
3. According to the transfer controller:automatic switch with restoration,automatic switch without restoration.
4. Transfer mode: Power network-Power network,Power network-Generator.
5. Intelligent controller: C:LCD dynamic display,L:internal controller,E:LED economic external controller.
6. Number of poles:3,4
7. According to the connection way:front panel,back panel
8. Current:20,32,40,63,80,100,125,160,200,225,250,350,400, 500,630,800,1000,1250, 1600,2000,2500,3150,4000,5000.

Environment conditions for operation and installation
1. Ambient temperature:-5-+40,and average temperature in 24 hours below+35 (except for special orders).
2. Elevation of installation site:2000m
3. Pollution protection:3 grade
4. The breakers used on ships and in humid tropical area can work normally without influence of humid air,salt fog and mildew.
5. The breakers used on ships can operate reliably under normal vibration.
6. The breaker should be installed according to stipulations on operating manual .For breakers in common use,the vertical gradient isn t more than 5,for that used on ships,thevertical gradient isn t more than 22.5.
7. The breaker should be put in the place where there isn t any explosive medium and conductive dust and no gas which would corrode metal or destroy the insulation.

Main functixon feature
1. Reliable and safe interlock.
2. It has reliable connection and disconnection main circuit and second circuit function, and the setting has self-locking function.
3. It has safety insulation isolate.
4. Quick transfer speed,(the transfer time is 0.1s-0.2s),low malfunction,easy maintenance, and reliable capability.
5. Small in volume,simple in constitution,large current and ATSE integrate.
6. With the controller,the setting can transfer between the manual and automatic, and has the every protection function.
7. Make sure the facility safe,it has neutral pole N input first and breaker later function, which can avoid of the abnormal voltage.
8. It adopts DC instantaneous excite way.
9. Electric degree:PC class.

System sketch map

JX1/Z DC operating contactor

The difference of twao steps M2 and three steps M3
1. Two steps have two transfer states:power A supply power B supply,and the frame current can up to 500A
2. Three steps have three transfer states:A supply middle position power B supply,and the frame current can up to 5000A

Hand-operated methods and notice matters
We can guarantee the switch performance of electric-drive operation,but the difference between strength,speed of the switch.When the handoperated switches do the load switching, the contacts may be consumed and dissolved etc.If need artificial operation and please implement under the following condition,please avoid hand operating in other occasions.
1. When there is no operation power at all.
2. When inspect the operating mechanism and contact part,there is no load.
3. Damages happened and cannot action,
Notice:When artificial hand operating,the operating power has to be cut off.

M2、M3 overall and mounting dimensions:

M2 connecting diagram

A1、A2(put in signal import by A power,AC220V)
B1、B2(put in signal import by B power,AC220V)
Notice:A B auxiliary contact can be used in connecting the signal of indicate,alarm or feedback,and that depends on the customer

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