JEW1-4000A air circuit breaker
JEW1-4000A air circuit breaker

1. General

1.1 Application scope

    JEW1 series air circuit breaker is suitable for the circuit of AC 50Hz/60Hz with rated service voltage 400V, 690V and rated service current up to 6300A. It is mainly used to distribute electric energy and protect circuits and electric equipment against over-load, under-voltage, short-circuit and single-phase earthing fault.

    With intelligentized and selective protection functions, thebreaker can improve the reliability of power supply, and avoidunnecessary power failure. The breaker is applicable for powerstations, factories, mines (for 690V) and modern high-buildings,especially for the distribution system of intelligentized building.

1.2 Standard: IEC/EN 60947-2.


2. Operation conditions

2.1 Temperature condition:

  -5~40; the average value within 24h shall not exceed +35 (special situation excluded);

2.2 Altitude:≤2000m;

2.3 Pollution grade: Grade 3;

2.4 Air conditions:

    At mounting site, relative humidity not exceed 50% at the max temperature of +40, higher relative humidity is allowable under lower temperature,RH could be 90% at +20, special measures

    should be taken to occurrence of dews;

2.5 Note: Without the intelligent controller

    the breaker functions as a switch-disconnector.

 2.6 Type designation





6. Overall mounting dimensions

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